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Future Making For Every Student

                                                                                     Letter from the Principal                                   13.04.2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have been healthy as you stayed at home over this term 1 holiday break.

The Department of Education & Training (DET) released guidelines for all Government schools to implement as we transition to flexible and remote learning from Wednesday 15 April.

Learning from Home

The DET guidelines state that from the start of term two all students who can learn from home MUST learn at home.

 April 10th from James Merlino

                                                      The medical advice to all Victorian Schools is crystal clear.

 If your child can learn from home, they MUST learn from home.

 A small number of students will continue to attend government schools where this is not an option.

On-site supervision of learning

The guidelines also set out the circumstances for when parents can send their children to school for on-site learning.

The DET guidelines state that “ALL STUDENTS WILL BE LEARNING FROM HOME, EXCEPT FOR children on days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home” Attending school on-site will remain available in limited circumstances.

Parents / Carers are required to complete an on-site application form and submit this each week to Keysborough PS.

- Students attending school would continue to follow the remote and flexible program provided by the class teacher. That is, the same program followed by students learning from home.

- Supervision only will be provided by a volunteer teacher, not your child’s teacher, and education support staff.

Remote and Flexible Learning- All Learning Together

As you know, all staff at Keysborough PS worked very hard towards the end of term 1, and have continued during the holiday break also, to plan for the delivery of our teaching program via remote and flexible modes of delivery. This planning continues next Tuesday 14th, which is a Curriculum Day.            

Remote Learning will re-commence from Wednesday 15th April.

We, like all schools, will continue to refine and improve our remote and flexible teaching processes over the remaining part of week 1 and during week 2. Thank you for your understanding as we all transition to the new modes of learning. We are all cognizant of the wellbeing of our students, your families and our staff and their families, as we navigate our way through these times, both professionally and personally.

I’m sure we will all learn a great deal in these first few weeks and continuously modify and improve the program and delivery.

Our collective mindset

I’d like to encourage an optimistic mindset in our Keysborough Primary School community.

Please be assured that progress along the curriculum continuum at each year level will be well planned and closely monitored.

The teaching will continue to the very best of our ability and dedication via remote learning.

Later in the year, when all schools resume teaching programs on –site at school, various strategies and planning will in place to ensure we are well positioned to revise where necessary, re-visit concepts as required, as well as re-inforce and extend learning.

Please stay safe and happy as we all stay at home.

Kind Regards,

Leanne Armao

Leanne Armao