Keysborough South Primary School – interim name

Recently an Advisory Working Party was established to begin preparation for the opening of the new Primary School (Keysborough South Primary School – Interim Name) on Homeleigh Road in Keysborough in 2020. Members of the working group include:
  • Ms Leanne Armao – Principal Keysborough Primary School
  • Mr John Baston – Principal Keysborough Secondary College
  • Ms Amanda Meehan – Parent Representative
  • Ms Jacqueline Gray – Local Government Representative (The Greater City of Dandenong)
  • Mr Ken Robinson – Department of Education and Training Representative (Regional Office, Dandenong)
Currently the Advisory Group is working through the initial stages of the Principal Selection process that will see a Principal appointed for term 3 2019. This will allow the Principal to commence the recruitment of staff and develop school policies, programs and key procedures required by the school to ensure a successful start to the 2020 school year. 
The second task of the Advisory Group is to create a new name for the school as the current interim name does not meet the Government guidelines for a school name.
To assist this process the Advisory Group will conduct a community meeting to be held at: 
  • Keysborough Secondary College
  • Acacia Campus
  • 28 Isaac Rd,
  • Keysborough 3173
  • Thursday 11th April, 6.00pm to 7.30pm

Local members of the community are encouraged to attend. At this meeting work will be undertaken to identify a preferred name for the new school. It is expected a name will be identified at this meeting which will be referred onto to the Department of Education and Training for approval.