Letter from Principal about Term 3.

New arrangements for Keysborough Primary School beginning term 3 are as follows:

There will be five pupil-free days from Monday 13 to Friday 17 July for all students at Keysborough Primary School as directed by the Honourable Daniel Andrews our Premier.

The school holidays have been extended for an additional week.

Teachers and staff during this coming week are not involved in on-site teaching from Monday 13 to Friday 17 July will attend on site to:

  • prepare for a possible move to remote and flexible learning from Monday 20 July;
  • provide a program of care and supervision for those students whose parents/carers cannot work from home and for vulnerable students.

The new arrangements are designed to give our health experts additional time to assess the situation in our communities and for schools to receive further information from the Department on what we are required to do.

I know that this may mean uncertainty and another period of possible remote learning for children, parents and carers. This lockdown is what it is and we must ensure that we do everything we can together to overcome COVID-19.

I will keep you updated as information on what needs to be done comes to the school.

Thank you for your understanding, support and care. However, these steps have been identified as critical measures to protect the safety of all of us. Together we must be strong, together we must do the right thing to ensure that we can move forward in the future with confidence and certainty that everyone is well and safe.

Kind Regards

Leanne Armao.


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Request for onsite supervision

Keysborough Primary School


Dear Parents/Carers,

              This notice follows on from the Principal Letter.

The Department of Education and Training Victoria (DET) has directed all schools to fully transition to remote and flexible learning from day 1 of term 2. Teaching programs are not being provided on site at school at all.

As with a significant number of occupations at this time, teachers and school staff will be working from home, utilizing the new mode of remote and flexible learning. This is to ensure that school communities are also increasing physical distancing across the population and slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you feel there are ‘exceptional circumstances’ that would require your child/children to be supervised on school premises, you are requested to complete the following application form

The clear message from the Victorian Government and the Education Department is that if students CAN learn from home, they MUST learn from home.  If you wish to submit a request for supervision at school on specific days/times, please complete the application below.

The school leadership team will consider all applications on a case by case basis and respond as soon as possible, noting the latest DET information and guidelines.


Kind Regards,



                 Leanne Armao Principal

Supervision on site 2020

PLEASE DOWNLOAD/COPY & RETURN THIS COMPLETED APPLICATION TO:           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Requests will be considered based on information provided on a case by case basis.   

You will be contacted by the Principal (Leanne Armao) or the Assistant Principal as soon as possible.

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