Athletics Sports Day

This year’s House Athletics Sports is scheduled for Wednesday, 27th March at Keysborough Primary School. Students will be participating in an Athletics unit in their Physical Education classes in preparation to compete in Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Javelin, Hurdles, Discus and Sprints. Parents are most welcome to attend the event to cheer on their child. Students are encouraged to wear a t-shirt in their house colour. Students will arrive and depart school as normal on the day. The aims of the day are for students to compete in all events, try their best, earn points for their house and have fun. The program with events and times are as follows

Year   Level/ Session S1 S2 RECESSS S3 S4 S5 LUNCH S6 S7 PRESENTATIONS
  9:20-10:00 10:00-10:40 10:40-11:00 11:00-11:35 11:35-12:10 12:10-12:45 12:45-1:40 1:40-2:20 2:20-3:00 3:00-3:10
F Class Class RECESS Class Class Class LUNCH Sprints, Bean Bag Relay Races, Hurdles PRESENTATIONS
1 High Jump Long Jump RECESS Javelin Shot Put Discus LUNCH  Hurdles Sprints PRESENTATIONS
2 Long Jump Javelin RECESS Shot Put Discus Hurdles LUNCH Sprints High Jump PRESENTATIONS
3 Javelin Shot Put RECESS Discus Hurdles Sprints LUNCH High Jump Long Jump PRESENTATIONS
4 Shot Put Discus RECESS Hurdles Sprints High Jump LUNCH Long Jump Javelin PRESENTATIONS
5 Discus Hurdles RECESS Sprints High Jump Long Jump LUNCH Javelin Shot Put PRESENTATIONS
6 Hurdles Sprints RECESS High Jump Long Jump Javelin LUNCH Shot Put Discus PRESENTATIONS

Event Properties

Event Date 27-03-2019 9:00 am