Working With Children Check

1.             Rationale:

  • National Criminal History Records Checks (NCHRC) and Working with Children Cards (WWCC) assist in ensuring a safe environment for our students and are critical to maintaining high standards of professional and personal conduct.
  • Any person whose duties usually involve or are likely to involve work in a school (paid or unpaid) is considered to be engaged in ‘child-related work’ and must be compliant with the Working with Children Act.

2.             Aims:

  • To ensure that all employees, and volunteers involved in activities with student contact are responsible and of sound character and comply with the requirement of the Working With Children Act of 2005.

3.             Implementation:

  • In order to maintain high levels of safety for all students and a commitment to maintaining high standards of professional conduct, it is a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development requirement that all new employees, including those applying for transfer or promotion, hold a current satisfactory NCHRC.
  • School Council requires that employees, volunteers and visitors who participate in programs that have potentially higher levels of student contact than normal must hold a valid Working with Children card. Working with Children cards are free for volunteers and can be used in other circumstances outside of school.
  • Specifically, a WWC will be requested for all volunteers involved in:
    • Camps
    • Sleep-overs
    • Canteen
    • Uniform shop
    • Any activities in which a volunteer’s own child is not involved
    • Any situation in which a volunteer may have unsupervised contact with a child
    • Swimming program teachers and assistants
    • Permanent sports coaches
    • Any other programs that have potentially higher levels of student contact than normal, as determined by the Principal.
  • To be a volunteer at a school, a valid Working with Children Card provided by the Department of Justice is required. This card is:
    • valid for 5 years
    • transferable between volunteer organisations
    • free of charge for volunteers, but cannot be used for paid employment.
  • WWC Checks for paid employment can be used to show suitability for volunteer work.
  • Teachers holding current full registration with the VIT are exempt from requiring a Working with Children card.
  • Those teachers who hold full registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching with a current NCHRC do not require a new check to be completed upon appointment.
  • Any person registered with VIT seeking contract or casual employment must provide a copy of a current registration before commencing.
  • Newly employed teachers will be required to organise a NCHRC through the Victorian Institute of Teaching.
  • Upon renewal of registration with the VIT, teachers may require a new NCHRC.
  • All Education Support Staff are required to have a WWC, the cost of which will be responsibility of the individual.
  • All School Council employees such as canteen staff, uniform shop and local payroll employees are required to have a WWCC, the cost of which will be responsibility of the individual.
  • A volunteer can commence work in a school when they provide a receipt as proof they have applied for a WWCC with the Department of Justice.
  • In general, parent volunteers whose own children are involved in a particular activity, do not need a WWCC or NCHRC although it is highly recommended.
  • Keysborough Primary School will make a photocopy of each WWCC. The name of each cardholder will be recorded in the WWCC register and the photocopy will be kept on staff personnel files.
  1. This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s review cycle by October 2022.


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