First Aid

Keysborough Primary School has a First Aid officer on duty at recess and lunch time. Before school, during class time and after school other staff are on call to assist10 3 orig1 all staff, students and visitors to our school.

During Recess and Lunch students are encourage to speak to the yard duty teachers for minor accidents in the yard before entering the first aid room. All yard duty teachers contact the school office for more serious accidents should they occur.

Medication at School

There are times when children require medication during the day. We are happy to administer medication. Please see the Office staff if you wish medication to be administered. All medication must be stored in the office.


Some people are highly allergic to food, bees and insects. Severe cases that have been medically diagnosed are referred to as Anaphylaxis. If your child has been medically diagnosed you must complete an epipen action plan and supply the school with a current epipen.


This is a very common condition. If your child suffers with Asthma, please supply the school with an Asthma Management Form and ensure that you student always has their medication with them at school.