Staff List


Leadership Team

Principal: Leanne Armao
Assistant Principals: Chris Baker and Lynne Ferris
Leading Teachers: Briony McDonald, Christopher Williams and Melina Cooper

Lerning Specialist: Ramona Vinga

Administration Team

Business Manager: Donna Holland.   Office Administration: Shaun Jarrett and Deb Evans

Teaching Team

Prep Team: Melina Cooper, Natasha Toussaint, Janine Fryer and Rhiannon Black .

Year 1 Team: Faye Haas, James Fox and Mila Rivera.

Year 2 Team: Linda Brodie, Gloria Harrington and Kerry Fullston.

Year 3 Team: Rina Giacotto, Katrina Rice, Lucy Eadie and Jill Foord.

Year 4 Team: Kath Govender, Christine Jagger and Chris Phillips.

Year 5 Team:   Voula Koskolos, Jeremy Stoll and Sophie Milne.

Year 6 Team: Amanda Holmes, Craig Heywood and Larna Cleary.

Specialist Team

Arts: Tina ,  Physical Education: Peter Murray,  Digital Technologies: Ramona Vinga,  Engage with Asia: Lio Lay,   Sustainability: Seila Hierk

Education Support

Speech Therapist: Santo Gaitan,  Computer Technician: David Suttcliffe    Chaplain: Lexie Sheard

Integration Aides: Mandy Vale, Robyn McKean, Julie Miles, Jennifer Thom, Carolyn  Wilks, Nola Smith, Felicity Kelly, Sharmine Zamen, Louise Greenwood,Lynette Collins, Ritu Shorey and Sree Mahadevan

Cambodian Multicultural Aide: Kim Ung   Vietnamese Multicultural Aide : Nguyet Nguyen

Canteen : Lauren Devereaux, Jeannie Glen and Daphne Le Gall

Uniform: Jeannie Glen