Staff List


Leadership Team

Principal: Leanne Armao
Assistant Principals: Pat Hill and Chris Baker
Leading Teachers: Briony McDonald and Lynne Ferris.

Administration Team

Business Manager: Donna Holland.   Office Administration: Shaun Jarrett and Deb Evans

Teaching Team

Prep Team: Melina Cooper, Natasha Toussaint, Janine Fryer and Rhiannon Black .

Year 1 Team: Faye Haas, James Fox and Mila Rivera.

Year 2 Team: Linda Brodie, Maddie Tucker and Kerry Fullston.

Year 3 Team: Rina Giacotto, Katrina Rice, Lucy Eadie and Jill Foord.

Year 4 Team: Kath Govender, Natalia Anguita and Chris Phillips.

Year 5 Team:   Chris Jagger, Michael Lindner and Sophie Milne.

Year 6 Team: Amanda Holmes, Christie Brewis and Larna Cleary.

Specialist Team

Arts: Christopher Williams,  Physical Education: Peter Murray,  French: Ramona Vinga,  Engage with Asia: Lio Lay,   Sustainability: Seila Hierk,   Extra Assistance: Marion Pearce

Education Support

Speech Therapist: Santo Gaitan,  Computer Technician: Connor and Amardeep    Chaplain: Lexie Sheard

Integration Aides: Kathy Undy, Mandy Vale, Robyn McKean, Julie Miles, Jennifer Thom, Carolyn  Wilks, Nola Smith, Julie White, Felicity Kelly, Sharmine Zamen, Louise Greenwood,Lynette Collins, Ritu Shorey and Sree Mahadevan

Cambodian Multicultural Aide: Kim Ung   Vietnamese Multicultural Aide : Nguyet Nguyen

Canteen : Lauren Devereaux, Jeannie Glen and Daphne Le Gall

Uniform: Jeannie Glen